Amanda Latham

Amanda is Policy & Strategy Lead at Barnett Waddingham, joining in 2020 to work across the firm developing their response to strategic policy priorities. She’s also part of the Sustainable Investment Team and Sustainability Steering Group, and a member of BW’s D&I Steering Group, working with the business to build employee networks, while developing and delivering their D&I programme. Formerly at The Pensions Regulator (TPR), Amanda worked across a number of policy areas including trustee governance, consolidation and sustainable investment. She helped establish their Women and LGBT+ Networks, and is still a member of TPR’s D&I Working Group, collaborating with others across the pensions industry to drive better inclusion. Amanda has spent many years championing inclusion. Outside of work, she’s also a charity trustee and currently holds the Vice Chair role on the board of Age UK in West Sussex; using her time and expertise to support the community.

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